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Mountain Wags Newsletter #1: Tick Prevention

Happy Nearly-4th-of-July! Hope you’re getting your red, white, and blue ready to go!

We want to take this issue of Mountain Wags to briefly discuss ticks. Typically, we don’t see a whole lot of ticks throughout the year in Colorado (Hooray!). A very small handful of people walk through our store every spring/summer/fall and mention a tick incident with their dog or cat.

However, ticks seem to be out and about a bit more than usual this season. Now, this information is not to alarm, but rather to simply inform.

Here’re 4 basic steps you can take to prevent your dog (or cat) from getting a tick:

1. Avoid taller brush/sagebrush when walking or doing hikes, if possible

2. If some of your favorite spots happen to be in that type of terrain, then do a thorough tick check on your pet after hiking/being outside

3. Spray them with a pet-safe tick repellent prior to walking/hiking – Ark Naturals has an awesome, all-natural one that we carry

4. You can also occasionally bathe them in a pet-safe anti-tick shampoo too (again, look to Ark Naturals)

That's all for now - hope you have a fantastic, tick-free July and Happy 4th!

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