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Mountain Wags Newsletter #13 – Keeping Your Pet Squeaky Clean

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the ice is melting, the weather is warming up, and our pets are out and about more than they were during the winter.

With melted ice and warmer temps comes many a dog’s favorite pastime: swimming!, and many a kitty’s favorite pastime: rolling around in the brush and dirt. However, with swimming and mud and dirt, our beloved canines and felines can return home grimy and stinky.

We have a great solution for that: earthbath pet products!

Their shampoos and conditioners are 100% biodegradable (you can use them camping!) and made of organic ingredients with zero soap. The no-soap part is key because soap on any furry animal can be very drying and leave residue in the fur, which can cause extreme itching and severe dandruff. Rather, earthbath is mild on the skin and coat and smells delicious. It’s so mild, in fact, that you can use it more often than most pet shampoo because their ingredients don’t contain soap or stripping properties.

However, because of our dry climate, we do recommend trying to go as long as possible between baths for your furry friend. earthbath recommends bathing your dog no more than about 1x/week with their products ( We’d say, again just because of our particular mountain climate, to try to push that to once a month in the spring/summer if you can, and even less during the winter. But, we understand that’s not always a realistic option. That’s why earthbath IS a great option!

They also have a wonderful variety of scents and products (even puppy-specific and hypoallergenic) for every dog and cat (including a waterless foam shampoo that you can towel off), as well as in-between wash spritzers and wipes to keep your pet smelling fresh.

So, come check out earthbath and get your furry friend squeaky clean!

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