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Mountain Wags Newsletter #6 - Happy New Year... Almost!

The new year is right around the corner - can you believe it?!?

We want to thank you for a great 2016! We truly appreciate our outstanding customers - they make all the difference.

We also want to highlight a few of our most popular dog treats to let you know what they're all about:

1) Orijen Freeze Dried Treats - Duck: A grain free, smaller sized treat that has solely the animal protein in it (in this case, duck) and is freeze dried to protect the integrity of the nutrients. Orijen duck is our most popular flavor, but it comes in a variety like bison, boar, lamb, etc.

2) Plato Farmers Market - Chicken: A larger, rectangular, grain free treat. However, it's very easy to break into pieces, still making it a good training treat. All that's in these is chicken and some veggies. Has added probiotics for a healthy gut. They come in duck and salmon too!

3) Wellness Soft Wellbites - Beef and Turkey: A square shaped, grain free treat on the smaller size and very soft! Great for puppies, older dogs, or dogs with sensitive teeth/dental issues. Smaller sized anyway, but very easy to break into even smaller pieces if needed. Not as good for a treat if you're out for a walk as it's very moist and can dry out.

4) Zuke's Mini Naturals - Salmon: A very small sized treat, which makes it an ideal training treat! Can throw a handful in your pocket or treat tote and off you go. These treats aren't grain free, but they are wheat, corn, and soy free - just have some healthy grains in them in the form of rice and barley.

All of these treats are free of animal by-products, wheat, corn and soy, as well as all made in the USA or Canada.

We take pride in carrying healthy, wholesome food and treats with human grade ingredients to keep your pets at their best!

Thanks again for a great year and we'll see you in 2017!

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