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Mountain Wags Newsletter #5: 'Tis the Season for Pumpkin


Pumpkin - it's one of the great tummy regulators for dogs and cats, alike. Not just something you give them around Halloween and Thanksgiving (although, you can do that too)!

If you have a pet with a sensitive tummy, you can add a little pumpkin to their food every meal. It can help regulate both ways: from constipation to loose stools.

Or, if your pet has a gut of steel most of the time, but every once in a while gets into something (maybe Grandma's five apple pies on the kitchen counter for Thanksgiving dinner), pumpkin can help then, too!

Give it to them while they are experiencing tummy issues (instructions for feeding amounts are on our cans and pouches in the store and vary by weight of the pet) to help them get back to normal. Once their gut does go back to normal, you can then return to their regular food routine. Just make sure to keep some pumpkin handy for the next unhappy tummy emergency.

Wags & Whiskers has both pumpkin cans (for those bigger dogs that need it occasionally or any dog who has it added to their diet daily) or we have pumpkin pouches that are great to have just sitting around for one of those " dog ate...!" moments.

Pumpkin is also cat friendly and can help with your beloved felines, too! The trick is if they are willing to eat it. Our dearly beloved kitties often tend to be more finicky than our devoted canines.

**Please keep in mind that the information we provide in our newsletters is a guide only - we are not a veterinary clinic. Any advice/suggestions do not substitute for personal professional veterinary advice/visits.**

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