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Mountain Wags Newsletter #12: The World of Dog & Cat Beds

Dog on Arlee Bed

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what better way to spoil your pooch (or kitty!) than with a cozy new bed?

But, wait! What kind of bed should you get for your fur baby?!

Well, there are a TON of great beds on the market. The three questions you should ask yourself are:

1) Does my dog (or cat) curl or sprawl?

2) Is my dog (or cat) old and/or have joint issues?

3) Do I need something machine washable?

To answer #1, if your dog (or cat) is a curler, then even a larger animal can get away with a smaller bed size. However, if your dog (or cat) is a sprawler, then a smaller animal will typically be more comfortable on a larger bed.

For #2, if your dog (or cat) is old and/or has joint issues, then memory foam/orthopedic mattresses may be best for them, ideally without "bumpers" all the way around the bed for easy access when stepping in and out. (We have some GREAT Arlee ones arriving soon that we love!)

Dog on Arlee Orthopedic Bed

And, for #3, the vast majority of the beds we carry are machine washable. It is a great feature to have in case there's ever an accident on the bed. And, it gives you the ability to keep your pet's bed clean/sanitary. Just be sure to follow the exact washing instructions on each bed's cleaning tag (if washed incorrectly, dog beds can fall apart in the wash).

Have more questions about what kind of bed would best suit your furry friend? Just ask us or pop into the store! We're happy to provide more insights and answer any and all questions!

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