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Mountain Wags Newsletter #10 - Sodium Content in Dog Kibble

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- Is sodium necessary for dogs?

Yes, sodium is a molecule required for all living mammals to function daily. However, sodium already naturally occurs in some of the ingredients in your dog’s food. And, sometimes dog food companies will add salt as an essential nutrient.

Sodium is an essential component to you dog’s diet, but sodium levels should be a known nutritional element – too much or too little can lead to problems (just like in people). Your dog’s specific sodium requirements should be discussed with your veterinarian, as sodium needs will change based on various health stages.

- So, how much sodium should a healthy dog have?

Typically, healthy dogs should have about 0.30% to 0.50% sodium in their food.

It will sometimes be recommended that dogs with certain health conditions have less sodium in their diet (again, that is something worth discussing with your vet).

It’s also good to keep in mind that treats and other edible items will contain some level of sodium, as well.

- What are examples of some ingredients that naturally contain sodium?

Meat, poultry, eggs, fish

Salt, sodium chloride

- What are some examples of Wags & Whiskers brands and their sodium content?

Dog Food Brand Sodium Percentage

Orijen Adult Dog 0.30%

Wellness Core Wild Game 0.37%

Blue Freedom Chicken 0.35%

Fromm Duck and Sweet Potato 0.31%

Taste of the Wild S.W. Canyon 0.25%

Royal Canin Boxer 0.28%

**As always, our newsletters are intended to instruct and share some interesting info about our furry friends. Please keep in mind that the information we provide is a guide only - we are not a veterinary clinic. Any advice/suggestions do not substitute for personal professional veterinary advice/visits.**


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