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Mountain Wags Newsletter #3: Furry Friend Safety during Hunting Season

Hunting season is here:

Keep your furry friends safe!

Ruffwear Orange Vests for Hunting Season

Many of you know that with fall right around the corner comes the start of hunting season. "Why?," you ask, if you are not a hunter is that info applicable to you? The most important reason to be aware of the start of hunting season and its corresponding dates is that if you're still hitting the trails with your furry friend, you want to make sure he's got some bright orange on him to distinguish him from the prey hunters are after (and it wouldn't hurt for you to have some bright orange on, yourself). To help keep your pets safe, we currently have Ruffwear bright orange vests (pictured above) in stock in a variety of sizes! We also have some bright orange bandanas coming our way soon! They will be only $.75 apiece (we want to keep you and your pet safe!) and are available one per pet while supplies last. For more general information, as well as info on specific seasons and dates, you can refer to this local article: Thanks everyone and stay safe out there this season! -Wags & Whiskers

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